Anchoring the Future Through Education

The Anchors For Life Foundation is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our young people. The mission of the Anchors For Life Foundation can….and does work!  By implementing the goals and philosophy inherent in our mission…..we have found that a significant difference results not only behaviorally……but academically as well. We cannot do this alone.  We must have your support.  When we all work together to enhance the 21st Century skills that our children need…….EVERYONE wins!

Vision:  To promote effective life skills to youth, parents and teachers


Mission:  Anchored For Life

Mission Focus Points: 


  • providing learning experiences for students, teachers, and parents in how to build winning attitudes;
  • establish positive self-images anchored in 21st century essential skills- Critical Thinking Information Synthesis Problem Solving  and Effective Communication;
  • develop successful relationships;
  • set and achieve goals;
  • provide service built on community, national, and world needs;  and
  • recognize opportunities which lead to success through hard and smart work.