Anchoring the Future Through Education

About Us

  • AFLF promotes the Foundation’s philosophy
  • AFLF supports the Lions  Quest ® curriculum
  • AFLF is a non-profit organization co-founded in August 2011 by Mr. Michael Gustin and Juneria Berges, Ed.D.
  • AFLF provides the financial support to enable public school teachers and students to utilize an effective, proven system of learning which will bring vision to our children’s minds through their educators and real-world learning experiences of all.
  • AFLF acquires the Lions Quest ® educational training rooted in research-based teaching strategies, curriculum focused on the whole child approach of skill building and good citizenship traits, and consumables utilized by the students, parents, and community members.
  • AFLF serves as a Lions Quest ® liaison and provide professional on-site visits, telephone conferences, and technical support for the participating schools/district for two years.
  • AFLF partners with Lions Quest ®, local and national philanthropic service clubs/organizations, parents, community and business groups, as well as the participating schools in multiple states.

Phone: 972-304-4368