Anchoring the Future Through Education

EXCITING NEWS! AFLF and Lions Quest International working together through a Strategic Alliance Agreement effective on July 01, 2014

In early August of 2013, the recently approved AFLF Director of Development Paul Jennings, Ed.D. and the Co-Founders Mike Gustin and Juneria Berges, Ed.D. met in the Lions Clubs International Headquarters with Matt Kiefer, Penny Willis, Michelle Anderson and the President of Kimbia Dan Gillette.  The meeting (1) provided a face-to-face discussion, (2) the sharing of additional information regarding the needs of all parties concerned, and (3) the introduction of a new 501 (c) (3) financial support system.  Everyone in the meeting left with the knowledge that mutual cooperation and planning among all entities would be extremely advantageous.

On July 01, 2014 following procedures and legal review the Anchors For LifeFoundation joined hands with Lions Quest International.   This Strategic Alliance enables both entities to more effectively “CARRY THE BANNER” for tomorrow’s leaders who possess and utilize the life skills and ethics which lead to the development of leaders in their quest to create a peaceful world.

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Vision:  To promote effective life skills to youth, parents and teachers


Mission:  Anchored For Life

Mission Focus Points: 


  • providing learning experiences for students, teachers, and parents in how to build winning attitudes;
  • establish positive self-images anchored in 21st century essential skills- Critical Thinking Information Synthesis Problem Solving  and Effective Communication;
  • develop successful relationships;
  • set and achieve goals;
  • provide service built on community, national, and world needs;  and
  • recognize opportunities which lead to success through hard and smart work.

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